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Why You Should Use Lumpwood Charcoal

Before its life as Lumpwood Charcoal, the natural wood is harvested and aged to reduce moisture content. This wood is slow-burned in a low-oxygen environment to produce “lump charcoal.” The resulting product is retrieved in pieces from 3 cm to 20 cm and typically sold as “natural charcoal,” a form that some grill masters prefer as “the” choice for the quality BBQ. The density of the source wood for Lumpwood Charcoal results in a charcoal that translates into “controllable” concentrated heat in each piece of charcoal. With abundant oxygen and a large charcoal mass, this lump charcoal could produce 2700 C, hot enough to melt iron. With today’s BBQ and its air supply control vents, obviously your grill will never melt, only produce that steady grill cooking temperature that will slow-cook your meat and finish your steak or ribs to culinary perfection or allow fast-cooking to char your select meat creations.

Charcoal kilns have been productive since antiquity for multiple purposes, but for us today we think of charcoal being designed for the BBQ. Charcoal size variety complements the grill, ensures low or high heat based on the grill’s air vent settings controlling heat, and is readily available in 10 Kg bags or multiples. When slow-cooking or charcoal burning at a high heat setting, your gently cooked or tender, seared, or glazed meat will gladden the stomach of the most discriminating guest.

This charcoal lasts a long time in your BBQ and leaves little ash, meaning that you have less to clean up after each cooking exercise on the BBQ. The charcoal is made from renewable resources and relies on harvesting from existing forests and cultivated groves—forests and groves that will continue to nurture our environment and provide the hardwoods needed for tomorrow’s BBQ’s charcoal. Lump charcoal is easy to light, generates heat readily, and produces little ash as compared to briquettes. The absence of processed wood and wood byproducts in lump charcoal means purer taste in smoking on the BBQ and complete elimination of artificial chemical “flavors” in prepared meats and vegetables. Because the lump charcoal quickly responds to changes in oxygen supply in the BBQ, the cooking temperature is easily managed, regardless of make or model of grill. This product consistently produces a culinary product that meets the standards of top quality restaurants.