Choose Firewood Over Gas or Electricity in Your Home

Plant Trees

While many people use either electricity or gas in their homes, there are several sound reasons why you should consider firewood instead. In many cases, people use firewood to generate heat although it may also be used to produce electricity. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose firewood over gas or electricity.

Environmental Factors

When it comes to environmental issues in relation to firewood, many people only think about felling trees. However, trees are usually planted to replace the felled ones. What many people do not consider is carbon emission.

Firewood only releases the carbon dioxide the tree absorbed when it was growing. Other trees then re-absorb the released gas as they grow. Burning firewood does not really add any extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is a carbon-neutral form of energy.


While the prices of firewood vary considerably, they are still relatively cheaper than using either electricity or gas. With the costs of gas and electricity going over the roof, firewood provides a more affordable option.

Since this may sound confusing to some people at first, let us use an example.

– A forest covering a million acres is managed by planting new trees to replace felled ones.
– The tress cut for firewood account for five percent of the forest.
– All the trees cut are replaced.
– The 95 percent of the forest that remains absorbs carbon released by the five percent that is burned.


The process does not only replace felled trees but also re-absorbs carbon dioxide. It takes 20 years for complete rotation to take place. The use of firewood is getting even more sustainable as more people become aware of the importance of maintaining forest cover.

If you are heating your home using firewood, you will get the required warmth even when there is no electricity. Gas inserts sometimes require electricity to function properly.

Kiln dried logs do not only produce high heat at a lower cost but also minimize environmental degradation. If you want to reap as much as possible, ensure you choose the right firewood for sale. Although a firewood stove may not spread heat evenly throughout a room, it is the best device for transferring the heat deeper into a house.